The Mighty Victoria Falls is in Full Flow!

by Lara Behrens
14th February 2018

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Victoria Falls High Water Levels

January through to May is considered the High Water Season as the Zambezi River is beginning to swell with the water coming down from the North.


Victoria Falls is in full flow!


This is a truly rejuvenating time of the year; a time for rebirth and the migrant birds are still nesting, the rainforest is lush and green due to the spray and the mighty roar of the water can be heard from kilometres away.

The Zimbabwean National flower, the beautiful Flame Lily can be seen in the bush, only at this time of the year.

In terms of activities, the White Water rafting will change to the high water run, as the river is flowing exceptionally fast, thus making some rapids not runnable. Swimming at Devil's Pool is also not available the volume of water flowing over the Falls is at a dangerously high level. Flying above Victoria Falls by helicopter is one of the best ways to take photographs, understand the layout and geography of the Falls. Plus a bonus is that you don’t get to wet!!

For anyone visiting Victoria Falls at this time of year, you will need a raincoat and an umbrella, as well as ziplock bag for your camera.

Victoria Falls at each different water level has something to offer its visitors but which side of Victoria Falls is better - Zimbabwe or Zambia?

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