Newsflash: Travel to Zambia, the Situation as it Stands

by Lara Behrens
9th July 2017



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Having heard the recent news that the Zambian President is considering declaring a State of Emergency, in Zambia. We have investigated the situation, so that we can keep you informed and offer you peace of mind.


Here are the facts:


  • One of the downtown markets in Zambia, City Market, was burnt down last Tuesday in the early hours of the morning. No one was injured, thankfully but as a result the Zambian President is considering declaring a State of Emergency.
  • Before he can declare a state of emergency it has to be passed by Parliament, which as yet has not happened.
  • There is currently no unrest in Zambia.
  • We are getting regular updates on the situation from our ground operators within Lusaka and Livingstone, as these are the two main cities which our tourists visit.
  • The National Parks including South Luangwa, Kafue and Lower Zambezi also remain unaffected.
  • We do believe that even if a State of Emergency is passed, the main impact will be on Zambian residents in cities, in the high density areas and we do not foresee any impact or disturbance to tourist itineraries.

Of course, if there are any updates, or anything to be concerned about we will let you know, but in the meantime please be advised that everything on the ground remains as normal with no threats to client safety or wellbeing, whatsoever.

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