Cost of Gorilla Permits in Uganda

by Lara Behrens
23rd June 2017

Adventure Safari


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The Uganda Wildlife Authority has issued a statement to clarify any speculation on the price in Uganda for Gorilla Permit Fees. They advise that the cost of gorilla permits will remain unchanged for the period of 2018 and 2019 and that they will continue to take bookings for up to two years in advance.

The gorilla Permit Fees are US$600 for visitors to the country and the ongoing low season rates will continue until November 2017, which means that gorilla permits are just US$450 in the month of November - more than US $1,000 cheaper than their counterparts in Rwanda.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority believe that in maintaining the current Gorilla Permit rates they will enable more people to participate in gorilla tourism, and foster continued sustainability of Gorilla conservation.

Gorilla trekking is a bucket list experience that everyone should experience once in their lives. We have laid out the differences between gorilla trekking experiences in both Rwanda and Uganda so that you can make an informed decision on which of the two you would suit you best.

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