Addictive Africa – Once you Pop you Can’t Stop!

by Lara Behrens
21st February 2017

From Personal Experience


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Anyone that has visited the diverse continent of Africa will tell you how addictive a safari is, but just what is it about this magical land that keeps us going back for more?

Africa puts on a great show! 



Whether it's the wonderful wildlife, the stunning sunsets or the colourful cultures surrounding you in Africa the next moment always seems better than the last. I grew up in Kenya, and my family are still there, so I visit regularly. You would think by now that I would be pretty jaded... WRONG! I am still blown away every single time I head back to my homeland. Richard Mullin was quoted as saying, "The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa - for he has so much to look forward to." I agree with the sentiment but to be honest, every time I go back to Africa I notice something I never have before, and I have a brand new adventure! I could never tire of the safari experience... Africa sure puts on a GREAT show!


Disconnect to reconnect on safari



More and more these days we are dominated by technology, whether it's our phones, computers, TVs - a lot of us are unfortunately less aware of our surroundings. I for one am guilty of this. On safari though, we are forced to take a step back from all the gadgets. With limited access to technology a safari helps us to immerse ourselves in our immediate surroundings, helping us to reconnect with our loved ones, and ourselves.


Relax and unwind in Africa



Lastly, when you go on safari you come away with a feeling that you have experienced something bigger than "us". There you sit, in the cradle of civilisation, G&T in hand watching the sun go down behind a herd of silhouetted elephants... That feeling of belonging, that feeling of overwhelming awe cannot be put in to words (believe me, I've tried!) You can't help but be right there, in that moment. An Africa safari is simply the perfect way to put all of life's problems into perspective, and shake off the stress. Hakuna matata!

My advice? Just put down your camera for a moment and make sure you take a mental photograph too!

"There’s really nothing quite like the way time seems to stand still while watching wildlife.” – Bob Poole.

But then you are faced with the question...

East Africa or South Africa? Which should I choose? 


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