5 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Kenya

by Lara Behrens
14th December 2017

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If you’re looking for destinations and activities that deliver those “wow” pictorial moments, then you need look no further than the opportunities that travel in Kenya provides. As one of the world’s most famous safari destinations on the continent of Africa, Kenya has long beguiled adventurers, film makers, authors and photographers attempting to capture its wild beauty and intangible spirit.

Having been lucky enough to grow up in Kenya I've travelled extensively throughout the country and from my experience I've narrowed it down to my top 5 places in Kenya to get a brag-worthy snap that will seriously impress your social media followers!

1. Have Breakfast with the Giraffes at Giraffe Manor


A unique holiday destination that allows you to get up close and personal to wildlife is just what you need to grab the attention of your Instagram followers! Giraffe Manor is a stunning family-owned boutique hotel, in the capital city of Nairobi. It is set on 12 acres of private land and is frequented by the resident giraffes. Morning and evening they poke their long necks through the windows of the hotel hoping for a treat. This offers up one of the most unique photo opportunities around!

David-Sheldrick-Wildlife-Trust-12. Meet the baby elephants and their keepers


This has to be one of the most joyful places on earth! What could be more captivating than a herd of baby elephants frolicking in the mud? Spending an hour in the company of these little creatures is pure wildlife magic. See them interacting with their keepers, AKA their mothers! The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was started by Dame Daphne Sheldrick and it is the only organisation who raise the elephants with the sole purpose of reintroducing them back into the wild. Daphne Sheldrick pioneered the seemingly impossible process of hand rearing orphaned baby elephants. The photos from here are incredibly heart warming and what's more, for just US$50 you can sponsor one of these little guys! Bonus!

3. Let your journey take you to the world famous Masai Mara


Follow in the footstep of Demi Lovato who visited the Masai Mara in 2016. The Mara is without doubt one of Africa’s best safari destinations and is home to the Great Wildebeest Migration. The event, which refers to the Mara River crossing, is one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World” and is also known as The World Cup of Wildlife. You can visit between the months of July and September to be in with a shot of witnessing this spectacle. The wildebeest migration isn't all that you can experience here though. The wildlife here is bountiful and beautiful, and the Masai people are a fascinatingly colourful tribe. A visit to the Masai Mara would not be complete without a cultural experience here. Any of these experiences would make for a stand-out instagram photo!

Lamu-Instagram-Photos4. Immerse yourself in the Swahili culture on the Kenya coast


For a rich history lesson and unbelievable photo opportunities visit Lamu Island, which is a World Heritage site. Lamu is the oldest inhabited Swahili settlement south of the Sahara and as such has a very rich history, combined with an abundance of natural attractions in an interesting and tropical setting. The streets of Lamu town are narrow, cool and quiet, surrounded by huge stone buildings with thick coral rag walls that give the town its distinct colour and texture - perfect for photographing! Guests can explore the Lamu archipelago under sail in a traditional Lamu style dhow, visit the ruins at Takwa, raise a glass at sunset or sail under a full moon. You can even help crew the biannual dhow race, held in August and on New Year’s Day. The beach in Lamu is one of the few remaining untouched, empty stretches of coastline in Kenya. White sands, excellent swimming, water sports, world-class snorkelling and deep sea fishing make this the idyllic setting to wind down after a safari! (Photo by Antonio Lainez).

5. Bunker down in a hide to take photos on safari


Take your time on safari to capture that brag-worthy photo on safari. A wildlife hide gives you the perfect opportunity to sit and watch the animals that come to the waterhole for as long as you like, at ground level - something that just isn't possible on a game drive. Our favourite wildlife hide in Kenya is at Saruni Samburu. Designed with the needs of photographers in mind, buried underground, and almost completely camouflaged, it is the perfect spot to sit on a bean bag and steal those amazing photos of the African wildlife that regularly frequent the waterhole.

In summary, Kenya offers some of the most beautiful natural sights on the planet and it should certainly top a photographer’s list of destinations to explore. And my last tip? Just make sure that your smartphone is fully charged and at hand at all times! You won’t want to miss the chance to capture that once in a lifetime shot!

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