10 Reasons to Take Your Kids on Safari

by Lara Behrens
13th August 2018

Expert Tips


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Family-Safaris-in-Africa-11. Their guides will become their new best friends

Safaris-for-Children-Botswana2. They will connect with the 'real world' and learn so much about nature and wildlife.
Best-Vacations-for-Kids3. You can easily avoid malaria zones.
Children-on-Safari4. They will never forget seeing their first wild elephant or lion.
Family-Horse-Safari-Africa5. There is something for all ages!
Best-Family-Holidays6. They will meet and interact with other cultures.
Kids-activities-safari-kenya7. Many safari camps and lodges have special activities for kids.
Families-on-Safari-Africa8. It might make them budding conservationists.
9. Accommodation is amazing - and family friendly
10. You can combine a safari with lots of other cool things.


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